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"I sought out Sunelle in search of help with my ADD diagnosis in order to better concentrate at University. Sunelle was extremely knowledgeable and gave me an extensive overview of how she might be able to help and what was involved (this is so important when you struggle with anxiety like I do too). At my first appointment I was so pleasantly surprised by the incredibly beautiful therapy space that she has created, from the moment you reach the driveway you instantly feel more relaxed and happy. Sunelle always has a big smile on her face and a genuine warmth and concern for your wellbeing. I always enjoy my morning tea that she so kindly makes as I settle into a comfy couch looking directly into nature and the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland. After a debrief, it’s time for some re-programming and you head into another beautifully designed and designated space to take a look at your brain waves (how cool!). This experience could be overwhelming for some as it’s so foreign to most, but Sunelle makes it so exciting and calming at the same time. Every step of the way Sunelle ensures your comfort and talks you through everything that is happening. It’s hard to describe what is going on during therapy but I honestly look forward to that part of my week so much, I get to pick a movie and sit back and relax on a comfy recliner whilst Sunelle and my brain do all of the work in the background. Before you know it, it’s all done and you can feel your body and mind relax on a whole other level. 

Although I sought out Neuro Feedback solely for help with my ADD, it has helped greatly with my anxiety, relationship, outlook on life and studies. By my third session I had noticed changes in my mood and behavior that I hadn’t been able to achieve in years of CBT or Hypnotherapy and it’s STUCK! It’s a smart investment for anyone that may have tried and failed with medication or standard therapy. 

I highly recommend ANYONE of ANY age to visit Sunelle and her beautiful space, especially those who tend to not want to talk about their feelings or trauma experiences- this type of therapy really doesn’t rely on you talking about or reliving those things which is SO refreshing." 

"Sunelle’s interaction with my daughter was beautiful to watch. She had a calming and gentle nature that soothed my daughters anxiety and made her feel comfortable.  My daughter is now feeling a lot better and doing really well. Thanks Sunelle for helping our family by giving us the tools to support her." 
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